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LadinaYoga Mat - Warrior Black 


Embrace your power, share your gifts with the world and believe in your abilities. This super grippy yoga mat is made of a natural rubber base so you can stick your toes closer to the earth and embrace the majestic Warrior in you. The top layer is made of an anti-slip material ensuring your hands will stick during your Downward Facing Dog and the best grip for balancing poses!


Inspired from African symbols, this is the ultimate mat to inspire you to show up on and be a warrior whether you practice Hot yoga, Yin Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga. This mat features alignment lines to guide you in your practice: perfect for beginners to advanced yogis.


Available in red and black





Dimensions: 183cm x 68 cm |  2.9 kg  | 4mm


Suitable for any Yoga practice.

Artistic top surface enhances your space and adds joy to your practice


Materials: Natural Rubber and non-slip and high performance PU top layer. PVC-free and non-toxic. Easy to care for and keep clean.


How to clean your mat: 

Rub the mat with a damp cloth or a soft sponge with soap diluted with plenty of water. Let your mat dry before use. Avoid using essential oils directly on the mat. 


One tree planted in Madagascar for every mat you purchase.

LadinaYoga Mat - Warrior Black

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